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Personal Income Tax Preparation for Windsor & the Surrounding Areas

As chartered accountants, we know how stressful tax time can be. At Yee & Associates, we offer reliable and reputable services for personal income tax preparation in Windsor and the surrounding areas. We are always with our clients to help them plan the financial strategies that will work best for them. Choose Yee & Associates for friendly, trustworthy accounting services that keep you in the pink.

Our services include:

  Personal income tax preparation to minimize tax

   Personal taxes: self-employment, commission based income, selling property or assets, rental incomes, investment incomes

   Sole proprietorships accounting and tax services

   Retirement and succession planning

  Lines of communication with the CRA to resolve compliance issues

   Investment management

   Accounting services: preparation of financial statements, bookkeeping

   Trust and estate planning

   Financial planning

   Bill paying

   US and international taxes

Contact us today to get in touch about tax time. Be sure to contact us well before tax time begins so that we can arrange an appointment.

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